Swiss-American Tech Startup Builds Ultra-Fast Trains

Swiss-American Tech Startup Builds Ultra-Fast Trains

A Swiss-American startup called Swisspod is building the ultra-fast train or Hyperloop prototype, which is the company’s focus. Swisspod is a transportation technology company founded in 2019. This startup focuses on the development of Hyperloop tracks based in Monthey, Switzerland, where they are one of the leading Hyperloop companies that have won several awards in Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop competition.

High-Speed Prototype

Hyperloop is designed to be a faster, safer, and more environmentally friendly ground transportation system. Swisspod will use the linear induction motors on the Hyperloop to produce movement in skinny lines. This linear induction motor will provide power to the Pod which is capable of carrying 30 passengers or cargo. In a matter of minutes, they would be traveling through a closed, low-pressure tube reaching near-supersonic speeds with zero emissions. This ultra-fast train is believed to be able to operate for the next 4 to 5 years. Swisspod itself has found a location in carrying out a series of tests, using the right technology.

Colorado Becomes The Next Test Site

In July, Swisspod launched their first small-scale “unlimited trajectory” Hyperloop test facility at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne. Pueblo, Colorado will soon be the next leading destination in prototype Hyperloop trials. Startup Swisspod has struck a new agreement with the American Railroad Transport Technology Center (TTCI) to build a test track there. The plan is for the track to be built at Pueblo Plex, the United States Army Chemical Depot covering an area of 23,000 hectares. Pueblo Plex is a land of support for manufacturing operations, educational training, logistics and distribution, and research and development.

Become an Opportunity in Swisspod Development

In the last few decades, TTCI has become a venue for proving the innovation of the railroad industry. TTCI has an outstanding track record of success in testing, developing, and deploying emerging transportation technologies. More than just collaborators, Swisspod has found partners to advance its global expansion strategy, as well as the development of its own mode of transport. Swisspod’s collaboration with TTCI is the first collaboration, as an opportunity for TCCI to expand assets in transportation research. Swisspod’s initial collaboration used the TTCI magnetic levitation track as a step to validate the carbon-free propulsion system.